The Evolution Of Kim And Kylie’s Faces Is Scary!



You’ll be blown away when you see what they look like before they rose to fame and went under the knife. They are undeniably beautiful women, but they spent a lot of moola to make themselves look the way they do today.

Prepare to be shocked by these dated pictures! Their evolutions are intense!

Kim Kardashian 1997

This is Kim Kardashian in High School. Back in the day, she looked like the cute girl who painted her eyebrows and was sorta G. It’s hard to believe she looked so normal before rising to fame. Her cheeks were fuller back then, you could almost mistake her for J-Lo.

Kim Kardashian 2008

It’s easy to tell she’s not the same Kim Kardashian from high school. Her cheekbones became more raised, while her cheeks became more sunken. She definitely has her own makeup artist now and hair stylist who pretty her up. This is the iconic Kim Kardashian men came to love.

Kim Kardashian 2015

This Kim Kardashian looks like a totally different person. She definitely didn’t shy away from the makeup and plastic surgery. She’s beginning to look more like her mother but beautiful nonetheless. After marrying Kanye and having her first kid, she looks more mature than before.

Kylie Jenner 2012

Check out Kylie Jenner as a young teenager, she looks so innocent here. This was before fame and a plastic surgeon went bonkers on her face. When you see the next photo, you decide which version of Kylie is more beautiful. You’re definitely going to wonder what the heck happened!

Kylie Jenner 2014

In only 2 years, she completely transformed her look! Notice how her chin became smaller, lips fuller, and face rounder. She may have had some work done on her eyes to look like her sister Kim. She also changed her style to a more rebellious and bold look instead of innocent.

Kylie Jenner 2015

Now, here is Kylie looking much more womanly than the first two photos. Keep in mind, this was taken only one year after the second photo! Kylie did admit to lip injections due to insecurities, but it looks like she’s doing a lot more than Botox. Don’t you agree?

#1 The Kardashians 2015

In 2015, here are Khloe, Kim, and Kylie. Since they are always in the spotlight, they have to keep their bodies and looks on point at all times. The Kardashian sisters have done a lot of plastic surgery to maintain their beauty. Kylie’s plastic surgeries have made her look a lot more like Kim. It wouldn’t be surprising if they all use the same surgeon.