15 People Who Are Unique To Say The Least


Over 7 billion people in the world and no two individuals are exactly the same… that’s a lot of diversity going around. Some people are a lot more persistent in expressing their uniqueness than others, and there’s nothing more admirable that those individuals who are not afraid to express just how different they are.

It’s safe to say that if everyone was adamant in expressing their uniqueness as these individuals are, we would have a very colorful world. Let’s take a moment to celebrate those individuals who wear their uniqueness on their sleeve (quite literally). Here are 16 individuals that are not afraid to show just how special they are.

1. Here’s one individual that took the famous book we all know and love, “Where’s Waldo?”, and brought it to life. While many individuals are afraid of stepping out the house in anything that strays from the social norm, here’s one guy that didn’t care what others had to say. He represented his one of a kind personality both in his outfit and his means of transportation. He even went out of his way to color coordinate…

2. Here’s a riddle for you all… how can you maintain all eyes on you without them actually seeing the real you, but at the same time make sure that all eyes are on them? Wearing an enlarged eye-ball as a mask sure can do the trick. It may be a little startling at first look, but it’s quite a sight to see.

3. Walking around with a stroller sure can become routine after a while, so why not spice things up? That’s exactly what this woman did. It seems like pedestrians had to do a double take to make sure they weren’t extras for the next alien invasion film.

4. Maybe this guy had a rough morning. Maybe he was so tired that he forgot that undergarments belong under the trousers… Or maybe he came up with the newest means of keeping his pants above his waist. Whatever his intentions might have been, we can’t help but appreciate his lack of care to what others think.