11 Things Men First Notice When He Starts Dating A Woman


We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to our relationships. Some things we noticed right away, while others took some time to figure out. But our decision to be in a relationship with each other was probably made pretty quickly.

A man notices a lot about a woman when he first starts dating her, and it’s in those early moments that he makes his decision about whether or not to stay. Afer all, that’s what dating is for!

We’ve compiled the top 11 things that he’s likely to take stock of when on a date and some of them might surprise you.
1. A Genuine Smile

The key here is to be genuine. Men want to see a real and friendly smile when their lady sees them. Don’t fake it or try to be quirky or sarcastic with a goofy grin. After all, wouldn’t you want someone who’s genuinely happy to see you, too?


2. Personal Hygiene