15 Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist


We’re used to seeing vending machines left and right. Whether its on the street, on campus, in the mall or inside a store, these machines come in handy. Equipped with our favorite snacks and drinks, they’re a convenient way to satisfy our cravings.

However, food and drink vending machines are not the only ones out there. There are actually some strange vending machines carrying the most peculiar choices of purchase. Here are 28 vending machines you’ll be shocked exists.

1 IKEA: For those construction junkies, next time you lost a screw or bolt and don’t want to spend tones of money purchasing the missing pieces in bulk, you should look into an IKEA vending machines. The store actually offers machines with ‘square parts’ for your convenience.

2. Herbs: This looks like it’s high illegal but we can’t imagine how popular this choice of vending machine would be. It would definitely be a hit among high school and college students.

3. Charge: Nothing in the world comes free nowadays. There was a time when charging your device would be free of charge, but people are so attached to their devices that it makes sense to make a profit out of it. There’s actually vending machines that charge your phone for 3 dollars each 30 minutes.