Uncategorized 15 Parent and Daughter Photo Fails


Incest is looked down upon by almost all civilizations, religions and countries around the world. But it is a well known fact that some people derive an unusual high from engaging in prohibited activities. If you thought father-daughter incestual relationships was a relic of a bygone era, these 15 pictures will make change your perspective that it’s not just a Game of Thrones thing!
You don’t touch your daughter there

he isn’t a little toddler who needs you to clean up after her. You can give her a back rub at most without looking like a creepy old dude. Touching the girl on her derriere is not going to look innocent.
Grabbing his daughter by the…

This father is touching his daughter inappropriately. The young girl is trying to keep her cool by appearing cheerful on the camera, but we all know what thoughts are rushing through her mind. The mother is also trying not to notice it.

She’s too old for this

This kind of stuff only flies when the girl is a toddler, not someone who’s on the throes of puberty. The child is clearly looking at her father as a protective figure, but the old man’s intention seem pretty clear to us.
Donald Trump’s relationship with Ivanka

Donald’s relationship with his daughter has been speculated countless times in mainstream media. Now more so because of his presidency than ever. In this picture it can be seen that a man is expressing disgust at what he thinks is a reprehensible act.

Goodbye kiss

Kissing your own daughter on her lips is considered inappropriate no matter which way you look at it. And it looks even more awkward when she has her eyes closed off sensually while he clutches her arm tight in a loving embrace.
Admiring his daughter