15 Things Men Find Annoying In Women

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Women tend to always have a complaint about their male significant other. Maybe he is always leaving wet towels on the floor, or gets crumbs all over the couch. But while yes, men are quite idiotic and often not aware of the dumb things they are doing. Women can really get on a guys nerves. Us women have some tendencies that can truly start to irritate a guy and it’s totally things we can control but for some reason we just let our crazy fly high when we are around our significant others. In case you are wondering what annoying things us women do, here is a list.

It’s A Trap

When a woman asks a man how she looks in an outfit. A guy usually knows that no matter what he says, he is going to get scolded for his answer. It annoys him that she won’t take a compliment or criticism and if he just says something generic she scolds him for being not genuine.


When a woman is going on and on talking incessantly about her friends and their meaningless gossip and expects that her man is going to maintain interest through it all, it so frustrating to a guy. He doesn’t care about your friends problems and finds it unbecoming of you to harp on it.

Having No Suggestions

When a guy asks a girl what she wants to eat, or what her preference is for a movie, he genuinely wants her opinion. Either he doesn’t care what the answer is, or he just wants to make her happy. But when a woman refuses to give her suggestion than criticizes his choices that will send him over the edge.