Guy Dresses As Santa Claus To Give Random Strangers Christmas Gifts!


We all love gifts. And a Chrismas gift from Santa is like a dream come true. Check out some real stories below:

1. I was living in California when I found out my grandmother had congestive heart failure and wasn’t expected to pull through. She was one of my best friends—I’d lived with her when my dad was overseas in the army. I always felt like her arms were around me, that I could say anything to her.

I made it to Illinois in time to be there the day she died. When I went to her home to go through her belongings, I found a glass canning jar of pickled beets in the fridge with my name written on the label. I hadn’t been back there for some time, but I think she somehow knew I’d be with her at the end of her life. I sat down, crying, and ate the whole jar.
—Judy Bissey, O reader, San Rafael, California

2. After my first year with my boyfriend, I expected a decent birthday gift—maybe a nice dinner or a cute jacket from my favorite store. So when he handed me what felt like a wrapped piece of paper, my heart sank. With fake enthusiasm cued up, I unwrapped a two-pocket folder. Inside were official documents for a star he’d purchased for me—and named Martine. That was the name given to my mother in a Quebec orphanage before she was adopted in the U.S. and renamed Judy. It’s also my middle name. My mother died when I was 16, and I’d spent a few embarrassing nights tearfully telling my boyfriend stories about her. Even though a piece of paper can’t bring her back, the night sky has felt different ever since—like she’s up there sparkling in all her eternal glory.
—Ashley Sepanski, O contributing web producer

Also, check the beautiful Santa video: