Policeman Watches Dancer From Afar — When The Performance Ends She Runs To Him. Check out the Suspense !


When searching for the right theme for her competitive performance, 14-year-old Tylar Olsen knew it had to be personal. A suggestion from her mom Andrea led to a moving tribute to our men and women in blue.

Why a theme about the police? It turns out that Tylar’s uncle is a policeman… and if Sergeant Kevin Norris became misty-eyed while watching his niece, we really can’t blame him. What Tylar managed to do on stage was truly remarkable. For her police-themed performance, Tylar danced to the poignant spoken word poem “Policeman.” The work is famously narrated by legendary radio broadcaster Paul Harvey.

The choice of spoken word over music was both deliberate and genius. By removing the distraction of music, we’re left to connect the words with the movement. They really help drive home the point of Tylar’s gripping performance.

Watch out this awesome performance !!