Help a 2.5 year old baby girl to fight cancer.


“Will I get surmai curry this week also baba?”, my daughter’s excited voice is the sweetest sound you’ll hear. Amidst hospital tests and syringes, my daughter finds happiness in eating her favourite fish and chocolates. My 2.5-year-old daughter Aarohi has undergone 30 aggressive cycles of chemotherapy in the last one year. Seeing your own child weak and in pain is what hell must feel like. My daughter a patient of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The only solution now is a getting a bone marrow transplantation followed by a heedful postoperative care routine for two years. Unfortunately, what comes along with these solutions is a long medical bill which I’m struggling to pay right now. The treatment is going to cost us a whopping Rs. 15 lakh.

My name is Kuldeep. I work in Bisleri’s IT department and make Rs. 40,000 per month. I stay in Mumbai with my parents, wife and two children. Being the sole earning member of the family, I have the responsibility of running my family, paying for my children’s education and taking care of my parents. After spending Rs. 7 lakh on the treatment, I’ve exhausted all my money and have absolutely nothing left to support the rest of my daughter’s treatment. I can’t let cancer take away my daughter – please help me out – your donation can help me save her life.


It all started last year after Diwali. I remember how excited Aarohi was to watch her mother make rangoli and see her first Diwali sparkler. She couldn’t wait for her next Diwali, “Baba, can I also make rangoli when Diwali comes again?”. Things have changed so drastically since that day, today, my beautiful daughter has lost all her hair, has developed multiple ulcers and spots on her entire body and face. She hates the spots the most. I still remember that dreadful time when Aarohi’s body was burning with fever. When the temperature of her body rose to 104 degrees, her body started turning pale, so we panicked and rushed her to the hospital. Our blood ran cold – it seemed like her body had run out of blood. After a bone marrow transplant test, the doctors told us something that shattered our universe. My Aarohi has blood cancer.

After the diagnosis, I spent the entire day trying to understand the disease, the treatment options and of course, the skyrocketing cost that it came with. We decided to get the treatment started immediately. Since a year, my daughter is going through painful tests and chemotherapy sessions. I wonder how her tiny body can even take it. There are times when I just want to stop all of these and take her home, she’s not even 3.


I cannot believe my little angel’s life is in danger and money is the only way to bring her back from this dark tunnel of death she’s moving towards. This is my reality. Needless to say, all my savings are over. Thankfully, I’ve been surrounded by people who have supported me in their own ways. My relatives, office colleagues and even school friends came forward and made their own contributions for Aarohi’s treatment. But this is how far I could have come with the help of people I know. Now my hope is getting donations from strangers who can help me save my Aarohi.


Every time I see her cry, I feel helpless. I wish I could do something to relieve her from the pain she’s experiencing. But sadly only medicine can, and that’s what circumstances have forced me to keep her away from. She misses going to parks and just playing with her brother – she misses being a child that’s getting lost because of cancer. I don’t want her childhood to be filled with stories from the hospital and chemotherapy. My little angel deserves a better life. Please help me out, I don’t want to lose her.